This blog will be the center of all we do in room 239. Main posts will be by Mrs. Kirr, explaining what we're doing in class, blog posts will be done by each student, and students will help write the Genius Hour blog posts to share what we're learning and producing independently.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Room 239 is looking for scholars!  Room 239 is looking for your genius!  What are you bringing to our classroom?  Is it imagination? Creativity? Self-Awareness? Courage? Adaptability? Perseverance? Passion? Get ready for an exciting year - finding out who you are, being inspired by others, and changing the world... if you'd like!

Please take 10 minutes to fill out this Interest Survey (just click on it). This will help me figure out what we'll be reading in and out of class. This is the same survey that's on our Edline page. Thank you!

I can't wait to meet you, and find out what you have to offer!  ~Mrs. Kirr