This blog will be the center of all we do in room 239. Main posts will be by Mrs. Kirr, explaining what we're doing in class, blog posts will be done by each student, and students will help write the Genius Hour blog posts to share what we're learning and producing independently.

Student Blogs

We would love comments on our blog posts!  Please keep in mind that some of our posts are still under "editing" status, but need to be published so our teacher can help us edit. We hope you'll be able to tell which posts are final, and which are still in draft form.  If you'd like to know more about blogging in the classroom, please watch this presentation by a co-founder of KidBlog, Matt Hardy.

We are listed here alphabetically...

Adam               Chloe             James               Michelle           Shannon

Andrew            Cici                Jasmine            Molly               Sofie

Ahad                Damian          Josh                  Nicholas          Stephen

A.J.                  David             Kacper             Owen               Steven

Alex                 Dyani             Kaitlyn             Paige               Tommy

Alyssa              Elise               Kate                 Payton             Trevor

Ben                  Elton               Katherine         Riley               Nicole

Billy                Ethan B.          Kyla                 Ryan

Bobby             Ethan S.           Kyle                Sam

Brianna           Francesco         Madison         Sammi

Brooke            Hannah            Maddy            Sammie

Caroline          Helen               Martina           Samson

Casey D.         Ian                   Matt                Sean

Casey J.          Jack                 Michael           Shane


  1. Dear Mrs. Kirr and class,
    We are a grade 7 class from BC and we are also blogging as a class and individually as students. We are looking forward to visiting these student blogs and making connections with you all.
    Miss. deVries and class

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